5 Common Problems Faced With CATIA

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Over a decade ago computer-aided designs have come into use to draft architectural, industrial and engineering designs. Since the complex designs can be drawn with perfection, the computer-aided designs have soon replaced the conventional approaches of drawing on paper.

To outline such drawings and digital structure there are various applications out in the market. CATIA is such a type of software that is used to design engineering designs. Both 3D & 2D designs can be drawn effortlessly with this tool.

For novice drafters, working with CATIA could be arduous. To make your designing work trouble-free, we have outlined some common problems that many designers face and have come up with the solutions as well.

Graphics Issue
Many people have encountered “gray screen” while working on CATIA. This problem is generally attached to the graphics. Though there could be many reasons behind it, some of them we have covered here with fixes.

By reinstalling the graphics card, this problem can be resolved.
Check the graphics you are using, this can be checked by dxdiag , this tool is used to check the video and sound-related issues on windows.
Remove your cable, as many times this problem occurred because of VGA cable.
Updating the driver could fix this problem.

2. Installation Issue
If you are facing installation crashes when launching the app then this could be due to the bugs in the primary launcher. In this situation, you have to replace your original setup.exe file.

Download new and extract the zip file
Select the file and drag into the folder where your original version is located
You can copy-paste the file rather than drag and drop
Place or drop the file installation directory and replace the older version of the file
Allow the installation and now start the app.

3. File Saving Problem
Are you not able to save the file? This generally occurs if you are working on the unlicensed version. No need to bother we are going to address this problem with possible solutions.

Go to the option
Go to license setting under the general option
Look for licensing setup and uncheck the demo mode
This will resolve the file saving issue.

4. Licensing issue in Microsoft
After the recent windows update many users are facing the license issue. This problem might occur if the Microsoft patch is not installed on the client machine. You can fix this problem with few steps as follows;

Go to control panel and ensure which version of windows is installed in the system
Check “update history” and look for KB3061518 is installed or not
If KB3061518 is there, this means the CATIA cannot be reached to license server
Since this problem is associated with the windows update, you need to go back to the older version or wait for the new update

Crash While Drafting
Does the CATIA get stopped or crashed while viewing the files containing a large amount of data? If so, there are a few settings that you need to adjust. This generally occurs when you are trying to view assembly containing a large amount of data. Since it requires too much memory and so does the application get crashed as a consequence. We have addressed this problem and provided you the best resolution here best CATIA online certification course.

Since this problem mostly occurred because of heavy memory load, you should use “approximate view”, by doing so, you can overcome this problem. Additionally, you should keep in mind that the quality of drawing will be reduced and some details might be missed. However, you can adjust LOD according to your system. The high LOD refers to the high quality of drawing and more load time.
Another option is to switch to “CGR view” instead of “exact view”

In this article, we have addressed some general problems and given the best resolution for them. We hope you have found this article helpful and informative.

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