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This article will guide you to understand the concept and advantages of SAP (System application Products) as a career option.

Let’s understand what is SAP?

It’s an ERP system and acronym of System, Application, and Products in the data processing.

What is an ERP System?

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is a system used to manage the available resources adequately in the business. If you want to learn deeply then join sap controlling training course in Noida.

To make it more clear to you lets understand it with the following example;

Suppose you are going to set up a business at that you would have confined resources (resource could be employees, working devices, other things at the office), but after a while, when business will expand as a result the employees, resources, work volume will also increase and handling the large volume of resource would be complicated.

ERP solves this problem and helps you manage the resources easily, resulting in a speedier and smoother workflow. SAP is a leader in the ERP system that is widely used in businesses.

SAP Controlling
It is a part or module of SAP that helps make the decision on how to spend money while keeping available resources in mind. To put it in a simple way, it is an accounting tool.

If you are from a financial background and have basic knowledge of SAP then SAP controlling could be a great career option.

SAP is an ERM leader and used widely across the world. So, it has been considered a mainstream profession. Furthermore, it is a highly paid job in numerous industries. As it is easy to learn SAP controlling if you have knowledge of SAP and interest in accounting and financing.

SAP Controlling Course
It’s essential training for the finance professionals who are looking for a career in the finance and accounting field. Under this course, you will learn controlling. In parallel to this, you will enhance skills in different modules of ERP, for example; financial automation, accounts, etc.

You will learn following under this course:

Understanding about controlling modules of SAP ERP
Get familiar with features such as navigation, R/3 system
Able to create different types of document related to accounts
Knowledge of accounting, journaling of cash and different operations of ERP
Integration of various modules associated with the controlling

Targeted sectors and industries are the following:
ERP finance
Finance professionals
Finance consultants

Though there are various tools to learn SAP controlling, we recommend you sap controlling training to this study this course. Institutes like CETPA that is certified and one of the leading institutes that offer various modes of learning to make your learning fun. It’s up to you whether you want to learn it online or want to discuss your queries with the experts in the classroom.


In this article, we have mainly focused on the SAP controlling and finance course and discussed methods to ace it. SAP consists of multiple modules to handle business queries with ease.

The command in SAP has multiple benefits as this is this course, once you learn it, you will have multiple opportunities in popular industries.

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