Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dot Net All You Need To Know

Microsoft developed software framework named as .NET that provide programming environment which is controlled and where development, installation and execution of software for the windows which are based on operating system.

The .NET structure is programming which is planned by the Microsoft. It runs fundamentally on Microsoft Windows. It gives the language interoperability over a few programming dialects. It additionally incorporates the huge class library known as Framework Class Library (FCL).

These projects can run in programming condition known as the Common Language Runtime (CLR). Don’t Waste Time! 5 Facts Until You Reach your Dot Net Training offers the preparation from top MNC experts as trainers.The application virtual machine which offers the types of assistance, for example, security and special case taking care of. Both these FCL and CLR together establish .NET Framework.

Spot Net is favored for Development

.Net stage help engineers and fashioners to get advantages of innovative and dynamic qualities. This is now accessible in the layer of coding. It has the office to re-utilize the code for various programming dialects.

Do you know about.NET?

Designers, for quite a while, have been searching for a structure that can help them effectively make an application. dotNET (otherwise called .NET) fills that need. It is a structure, created by Microsoft, which can be utilized to help the improvement just as running/support of present day applications and XML web administrations. The structure endeavors to offer an exceptionally predictable item arranged programming condition.

It very well may be utilized to make applications that sudden spike in demand for numerous stages. To put it plainly, these are work area, portable, just as web applications that sudden spike in demand for Windows based gadgets, PCs, and servers. An intriguing part of this system is that it service the production of cross stage server applications that can easily stumble into server stages as Linux, Windows, and even MAC.

This system can be utilized to configuration, create, aggregate, form, and send an application with its wide scope of help programs, code libraries, compilers, and APIs. These fluctuated parts aid the advancement of a redid venture/arrangement.

.NET has been utilized by an enormous number of designers for the production of applications and administrations on numerous gadgets and OS. One part of .NET that stands apart is the scope of highlights that it offers.

Notwithstanding that, developers gain admittance to a code execution condition to limit clashes during the arrangement and forming of the product. Another significant trademark that should be spoken about here is its predictable engineer understanding while at the same time assembling a scope of various applications.

What is .NET utilized for?

Presently we realize that .NET is highlight rich and it tends to be utilized for a wide assortment of cutting edge applications. How about we presently attempt to be progressively explicit and dig into the scope of applications that can be worked with the utilization of this system

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Dot Net:


  1. It is new technology from MS for App development.
  2. Its fully integrated IDE is available.
  3. Support of Mac and Linux is available from third party.
  4. WPF and WCF make it advance for Development of app for windows of operating system.


  1. As compared to native code its managed code is slower.
  2. Multiplatform is not available.

The professional training very advance and also not only professional Dot Net Online Training can be done by student of any branch because in this students are getting trained and getting placed in MNC’s and having a great career ahead. Dot Net is a fastest growing language and it also reveals a promising future.

What Beginner and Advance Learn through Online Dot Net Course

  1. Introduction to .Net
  2. The Common Language Runtime (C.L.R)
  3. Syntax and Data types (Language Fundamental)
  4. Functions and its types
  5. Array & Strings
  6. OOPS Concept (Inheritance)
  7. Polymorphism
  8. Encapsulations and (boxing and unboxing)
  9. Evaluation of static keyword
  10. Abstraction and interface
  11. Indexer
  12. Exception handling
  13. Delegates and its types
  14. Events
  15. Multithreading
  16. Collection classes
  17. I/O operations with file systems
  18. Reflections
  19. Introduction to ADO.Net
  20. and it’s connected architecture
  21. Disconnected architecture
  22. Data grid view & data binding
  23. Three tier architecture
  24. Transaction
  25. Microsoft SQL Server
  26. SQL server trigger
  27. Cursors and indexer
  28. Web designing contents HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language)
  29. Cascading style sheet
  30. J-query
  31. XML
  32. ASP .Net introduction to Web forms
  33. Server pages using ASP .NET
  34. Understanding page life cycle
  35. Web form control
  36. Server control form validation
  37. Master pages
  38. State management
  39. ASP .NET caching
  40. Data binding servers and controls
  42. ASP .NET Web security
  43. Web services
  44. LINQ introduction
  45. LINQ SQL
  46. Entity frame work
  47. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  48. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  49. MVC 3.0 & 4.0
  50. Lab Tour

There are many institutes that provide Dot Net certification online course for the duration of minimum 3 months and maximum 6 months. This is kind of very beneficial in today’s busy life in which we can save our travel time and give that to learning as in the market Dot Net has a very good reputation especially for professional or any technical or non-technical deptt.

In today’s advance world in which we have lots of options and platforms for learning different technologies student’s already have lots of videos on YouTube and free tutorials in most of technical institute’s websites.

This Technology made the Computer and Information Technology Department very advance and also not only Computer and Information Technology, Dot Net Online class can be done by student of any branch because in this students are getting trained and getting placed in MNC’s and having a great career ahead. Dot Net is a fastest growing language and it also reveals a promising future.

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