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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet established by Microsoft for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. It has many advanced features like: calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, formatting, filtering, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is used to record, examine and analyses numerical data. In excel, a spreadsheet as a collection of columns and rows that form a table. Alphabetical letters are generally allocated to columns and numbers are generally allocated to rows. The point where a column and a row encounter is called a cell.

Advanced Excel states to features and functions of Microsoft Excel tool which assist the user to accomplish complicated and large calculations, data processing on the enormous amount of data, performing data analysis, better demonstration of data, etc. Advanced Excel functions permit business organizations to growth their productivity and performance by easily sorting and filtering significant information or data and using it for better decision making.

The main advanced excel features are as follows:

Validating Data Entry: You can’t hitch the power of Excel and use features like filters, PivotTables and formulas if your data is not correct or accurate. Even an Excel superhero will produce wrong results if the data being used is incorrect. It is therefore a useful ability to do what you can to help data entry, and then validate the data to avoid incorrect data getting onto your spreadsheets. It will help to improve the quality of your spreadsheets, saving time and reduce the chances of errors.

Data Manipulation: This is an also an important feature in advanced excel which helps in manipulation of data. As an Excel user you will often get spreadsheets from clients, import data from a database, or download it from a website. These spreadsheets can be badly formed or include data in the wrong format. Excel has many formulas and functions that help us to work with this data and make it ready for us to work with.

Conditional Formatting: Conditional Formatting is one of the most common features of Excel. It will automatically format a cell reliant on a condition like a deadline expiring, a target being reached or to find duplicate values. An Excel expert mostly uses the conditional formatting feature to present the data in a clear and easy to read format.

Advanced Charting Techniques: When used correctly, charts are a very powerful reporting tool in excel. They allow you to present a table of values in a very effective manner.

PivotTables: PivotTables are the most powerful and advanced features of Excel. PivotTables will summarize the large amounts of data in just a few clicks. This makes it easier to drill into the details from an otherwise complicated list of data.

Excel Dashboards: Excel has the power to summarize the most important data or information neatly on one screen with the help of dashboard feature. An Excel dashboard is generally made up of charts, graphs, Conditional Formatting, formulas, PivotTables and essential elements like lists and buttons. Excel dashboards has the ability to fit all the important data into a small space and make it easy to use and understand the information effectively.

Learners who are thinking to start their career in excel as an MIS Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, advanced excel training best step professional career is quietly recommended. There are many ways to learn excel and make the career in excel field. You can join the Advance excel online training that is provided by many training companies and you can opt the advanced excel online courses offered by various websites. It is the great platform to make career, companies are offering the many job profiles in this field at a good salary packages.

MIS Executive: Knowledge of Excel is essential for anyone who wants to make his/her career as an MIS executive. MIS executives’ job role differs, depending from department to department of an organization. Generally, they keep a record of everyday activity, create monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, and keep their managers upto date about the work progress. MIS executives need to deal with a large amount of data and to do so.

Project Manager or Coordinators: Whether it is a construction or IT company, project managers are everywhere. From handling vendor lists, financial records, formulating reports to keeping an eye on everyday tasks, project managers have to be on their toes. They also have to assign the resources properly and manage the employees to confirm efficient and effective working. Knowledge of Advanced Excel helps them to sort, filter, organize, and manage the data effectively while confirming the minimum wastage of resources and manpower.

Market research analysts, digital marketers: analysis of data is must for every business, audience and competitor. Market research analysts and digital marketers associate their productive and analytical skills to do thorough research on market vogues, competitor campaigns, and audience demographics and purchase patterns. Excel agrees the professionals to organize the assembled data, analyses, interpret, and present the data in an easily understandable form.

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