Ethical Hacking Certification Pros and Cons

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The CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker certification proves an IT (Information Technology) security professional’s expertise and knowledge related to penetration testing. Along with the CompTIA Security+ certification and the security certification, the CEH certification is one of the most popular and in-demand training that can help you attain an expert role within the IT security domain.

The Ethical Hacking online Course holder uses the white-hat penetration and testing techniques while also probes on the black hat techniques that may be used by the hackers to penetrate IT security system.

The aim is to find out the loopholes in an IT system and to read the mind of the hackers to reveal all the vulnerabilities that IT may be exposed to. The certification is awarded by the EC-Council or the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants. The reputed organization is best known for awarding the IT security related certifications, including the CEH course and certification.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits and limitations of Ethical Hacking Certification:


It improves your understanding of threats & risks

Cybercriminals are pioneers who will continually find new ways to target who exploit flaws in IT infrastructure. Lack of understanding the threats and weaknesses associated with your computer systems, it would be hard for you to keep them secure.

Through Ethical Hacking online Course, you’ll discover how hackers analyze your network to decide whether you’re a candidate for an attack. In the CEH, the introduction tutorials will educate you with this method so that you can apply the information to your business.

It is not beneficial for penetration testers only

The CEH qualification is not just for penetration tests. It flexible credential is also suitable for professionals working in the IT protection and network.

If you are a networking specialist, with the CEH, you have the perfect framework for developing your understanding of cybersecurity. Hence the real-world information taught through the CEH would be ideal for protecting your network from cybercriminals for both you and your team.

Helps you know how to think like a hacker

To achieve the CEH, credential gives IT professionals’ insight into a cybercriminal’s mindset. Although battling cybercriminals will always include responding to threats and incidents as they arise, knowing how these criminals execute their attacks and formulating tactics is far more important.

Through learning to think like a criminal hacker, you will be capable of taking a responsible approach to finding places that may be susceptible to cybercriminals, thinking beyond the existing security plans and policies.

Enables you to advance your security career

If you have already gained a solid background in IT and learned how networks operate within organizations, the CEH will give you a way to extend your IT security knowledge. If you’re already in this position and wish to move into a lucrative role within cybersecurity, consider having the CEH along with Security+ certification by CompTIA.


Does not provide corporate Exposure

IT certification does not prepare you for the real world. Every vendor would train you for a particular organization, or particular application. But in reality environment is integrated and is made up of at least 2 platforms and you will not get an experience of working in multiple platforms and applications.

Covers mostly theoretical parts

The value of IT certifications is further decreasing because anyone can mug up from books and clear the exam without having the knowledge of the technology. Moreover some candidates buy certificates using money. There are also some websites which provides sample papers for free. Hence students can easily get certified without or training.

Confusion regarding which ethical certification to go for

People are still confused whether a degree or a certification is needed for their career to rise high. There are numerous degrees and certification in the market. Which degree will best suit you and benefit you in the long run is a big question.


For developers and quality assurance testers, knowledge and knowledge with penetration testing tools and best practices can help to enhance development and security testing processes and procedures. Joining Ethical Hacking online Course earning certifications also can be helpful when seeking employment or a raise.

By demonstrating the talents needed to concentrate on cybersecurity and fill the roles left open by the cybersecurity skills gap, an employee raises their own value. Any employee working during a related field or eager to enter the cybersecurity arena may benefit from studying ethical hacking.

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