How To Get Best Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification?

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Being an Azure Architect is a popular and demanding job in today’s IT industry. The main reason for this is the salary offered. The Azure architect role has a promising salary, and estimates suggest that it is bound to increase further. Thus, many people are shifting to this role. However, being a demanding job with a high salary, it is not easy to obtain a certification for the role. A simple Google search will help you to find the best Azure online training course.

How to obtain a certification?

Today, Microsoft Azure is one of the top cloud service providers. Storage, servers, databases, and networking are some of the valuable resources provided by Microsoft Azure. What is the role of an Azure architect? Based on the customer’s requirement for the Azure cloud, it is the responsibility of the Azure solution architect to come up with an appropriate solution. The demand for Azure architects and Azure cloud is on the rise mainly because companies can cut down significantly on investment costs.

An Azure solution architect assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Analysis of the life cycle of the project/application
  • Understanding the roles of various teams
  • Good knowledge of storage, data management, virtualization, and testing

Skills required to become an Azure Solution Architect

Before applying for online Azure certification course, let us first see what the necessary skills are to take up the role. Once you have a basic understanding of the skills needed, you can work towards getting trained in those skills. Azure architects have three basic skills that make them the most sought-after IT professionals in the cloud computing domain.

  1. Awareness of Microsoft Azure and its products — As a Microsoft Azure solution architect, you will be dealing with various Microsoft products. You need to have a good knowledge of the products and their capabilities.
  2. Cloud infrastructure and operation — It is a good idea first to educate yourself about the general infrastructure of the cloud. Then, you may proceed to learn about the architecture of Microsoft Azure. It is made up of multiple tiers — IaaS, PaaS, OSS, etc.
  3. Detailed knowledge of cloud computing — You need to have a clear-cut idea about cloud computing. People who have prior experience with a different cloud computing platform are preferred. You also need to be aware of the various design methodologies in Azure infrastructure.

Additional skills that are preferred are the ability to scale different applications, resource effectiveness, and the ability to select the appropriate service for the project. Cloud computing is a continually evolving field. So, keep yourself updated.

Getting a Microsoft Azure Certification

A certification will help you get into the field more quickly as it is proof that you possess the necessary skills to take up the role. Microsoft conducts two exams for Microsoft Azure Certification. If you qualify these exams, you will be a Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect expert. The two exams are –

  • Exam AZ-300: Architect Technologies
  • Exam AZ-301: Architect Design

AZ-301 can be attempted only after passing the AZ-300 exam.

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