How You Can Transfer Yourself From A Fresher To An Expert Sap Developer


FI is for Finance, CO is for Controlling

SAP FICO is one of the basic modules of SAP ERP methods. It’s a module for the internal and external accounting processes. Simply, FICO helps in creating and managing financial statement which is moreover used for analysis and reporting, hence contributing considerably to the company’s growth.

SAP FI — This manages financial transactions reporting and better handling. This is effective for integrating various modules and building a single system for the whole company.

SAP CO — It is an internal cost accounting tool. Controlling essentially concentrates on planning and monitoring costs. In simple words, it offers information to the supervisors and decision-makers about where the money of the corporation is being spent.


As an industry pioneer in the financial management and accounting area, SAP FICO experts have a bright scope for their future efforts. The reports that are created through SAP FICO’s help are being frequently utilized by an ever-growing number of professionals including bank managers, stockholders, administrators, and even tax authorities.


Becoming an SAP FICO functional consultant is not a direct process. To become a flourishing SAP FICO consultant, the aspirants should know the full summary of the SAP FICO module for which SAP controlling training program in Noida is important. It is required for you to spend a lot of time and money before you could have the opportunity to find a good job in the SAP FICO field. For the last few years, corporations are searching for experienced candidates who could come into projects rapidly because they may face a high risk of recruiting an SAP fresher. Let’s discuss some of the steps by which you can become SAP FICO Consultant:

You Should Undergo the SAP FICO Training

SAP provide training in both the modules of SAP FICO, i.e., SAP FI and SAP CO. According to the candidate’s requirements, they can learn any of these modules or both. At the end of the SAP controlling training in Delhi,the aspirant can take the certification exams which will award you FI or CO certificates from SAP. These certificates are essential to get a job in the field of SAP.

Take Online Practice Tests

Try to take practice tests online. By exercising the test, one will be able to know how much one is prepared for the actual exam. You can have a glimpse of the real-time SAP FICO exam. You will also get to know if you can complete the exam in time or you need to be fast while answering. You will be able to know the domains where improvements are required.

Experience Matters

A candidate with domain experience of three to five years can join the big IT companies such as Accenture, IBM, etc. Numerous Organizations want to hire an experienced person rather than a fresher and then train them into their internal project to master SAP FICO.


ü Designing, building and deploying SAP-based ERP solutions

ü Leading analysis and design in the SAP FICO Domain

ü Manage structured testing internally and with users

ü Guarantee solution stabilization and continuous advancements

ü Offer training to clients


Career opportunities as SAP FICO Consultants are very profitable and promise high remuneration. However, it is recommended for you to work hard and become active in this field as soon as possible if you want to succeed. Alongside degrees from universities, SAP controlling training course in Delhi can go a long way in helping you improve your resume and increase your odds of landing a prestigious job.

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