Important Skills to Become React JS Web Developer

ReactJS is one of the best open-source JavaScript Library developed by the social media king Facebook that helps in creating effective web applications that requires minimum effort, coding and gives reusability facility of the components to the developers. The key objective of ReactJS is also to develop impressive user interfaces that improve the speed of the web application.

Before starting ReactJS you must have some pre-requisite skills like-

1- HTML/CSS for React JS-

React JS is a front-end web development framework. You did not directly jump into React JS. For learning, React JS you should have a previous good level of knowledge of HTML and CSS irrespective of the type of business or the application you are expected to develop. Every front-end developer must have the ability to work with HTML and CSS and able to develop a good user interface and build amazing web applications according to customer requirements. Knowledge of HTML requires a list of bulleted points, using images and data tables at the right places, content could be a set of paragraphs. CSS knowledge involves a well understanding of the selectors, styles, box-model, flexbox, etc.

2- JSX-

JSX stands for javascript extension. JSX is an enchanting part of ReactJS. When a user builds react js web applications then the user hardly goes deep into HTML. Instead of it, the user builds web applications through JSX. If we define JSX in the technical term then it is React.CreateElement() API abstraction layer.

JSX is an important part of ReactJS because it allows developers to create web applications using the above API. You can get its knowledge through online ReactJs Training.

3- JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

Another knowledge requires to seek the training of ReactJS is knowing about the basic JavaScript concepts and advanced topic like ES6. If you do not know the basics then you could not able to get the most out of the framework. You could not limit your knowledge up to the basic javascript concepts but the fusion with ES6 makes it a developer easy to understand the concepts of ReactJS.

ES6 skills include many good concepts like-

Variables & Scoping: In javascript, developers are storing variables through the ‘var’ keyword. With ES6, a developer can choose from a range of keywords such as `let` and `const` according to the requirement inside the code.

Array Methods: Arrays are the essential element in JavaScript but playing with arrays in the previous version of javascript is somewhat harder. Storing data in arrays is easy in javascript but retrieving and manipulating them is a bit difficult. Bundle of tools offered by advanced javascript as map(), filter(), and reduce() to easily play with the array.

4- Git

Git is a super resource to use for web app development as it allows you to smooth live updates along with a copy of your website files. It gives the facility to developers to add or update project files on different coding forums such as GitHub, BitBucket, etc.

It includes:

1- Keep the track of modifications with a comment.

2- Merging and branching strategies.

3- Managing merge conflicts.


React JS is a great library of JavaScript as it helps developers to build high-quality web apps and user interfaces within a quick time. ReactJS allows you to break down the components and create a single-page application with less coding and give a reusability facility.

If you want to learn ReactJS then you must have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript with ES6, and knowledge of Git is a plus point for you. You can learn all these technologies from the best Online ReactJS Course where you will get hands-on knowledge of ReactJS with live projects.

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