Which One Is Best Catia Vs. Solidworks In 2020

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Solidworks and CATIA are 3D modelling software introduced from the same company, namely, “DASSAULT SYSTEMS”. It is a French multinational software company that produces the 3D digital mock-up, 3D design, and PLM (product lifecycle management) software.

In this blog, let’s discuss which one is best between these two & why:


First of all the significant difference is the design capability. CATIA is sophisticated for generative shape designs. Solidworks is used for machine design. Therefore, that mostly automotive and the aerospace industries are using CATIA. Whereas, Solidworks is purely a product to design machines. If you want to learn Solidworks, then join SolidWorks Training in Noida.

Global customers of the CATIA includes: Tesla Motors, Land Rover, Jaguar, Ashok Leyland, and many more. On the other hand, Global customers of the Solidworks includes BOSH, OMAX, Haumiller, Precihole and many more.


CATIA offers PLM (Product lifecycle management) which consist of Ergonomic Analysis, CAD CAM CAE, and powerful CFD analysis.

· CAD: computer-aided design

· CAM: Computer-aided Manufacturing

· CAE: Computer-aided Engineering

· CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics

· Ergonomics analysis: The study of people efficiency in the working environment.

Solidworks is only meant for the 3D modelling But of course, we can do all the given above tasks. It needs third-party applications. Both the software plays a significant role in their own set of targets. To learn Solidworks, join SolidWorks Training in Delhi.


CATIA is most Expensive software and cannot used by any small scale industry whereas the CREO is used in place of CATIA as it costs you litter lesser than CATIA but Solid works is greatly used in Small and large scale enterprises as it is more affordable, easy and user-friendly. But these days, numerous Industries are not using Solid works since it makes simple models.


Solidworks is a user-friendly tool, on the other hand, CATIA is a powerful tool. To learn CATIA, join Best CATIA Training Course in Delhi .


CATIA is the best software when we talk about surfacing as compared to Soliworks. As the CATIA is utilized for sheet metal work designing and the majority of automobile industries prefer this software.

And the Solidworks is considered as easiest and fastest. The software is good with product design and designing all the mechanical parts which are bit tough in designing with other two softwares.


Thus, we can conclude that CATIA as well as Solidworks both are useful and best in their own way. If we begin using them we will feel that Solidworks is a little simple to learn. Whereas CATIA is an open environment to maximize the opportunities to customize the product in our individual way with a bunch of features.

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